2D Animation; Free For All Key Animation

Some 2D key animation I worked on five years ago for the show “Free For All” on Showtime that I found on YouTube this morning. My scene begins with the father character choking the pet ferret…


Sorority Row Homepage CG Model

Modeled, lit, and textured an exact CG replica of the Sorority Row house for the theatrical homepage

Disney Gamer Logo Intro

Animation I did a few years ago of DGamer’s Logo Intro :)


A flying DeLorean?

My tribute to one of the greatest movies of all time…


Hot Wheels Robots CG Render

Robots were rendered with Renderman; modeled and textured with Maya for a Hot Wheels commercial


Curb Your Enthusiasm Freelance

Freelance work I did for this season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” … Modeled in Maya and textured in Body Paint. 3D was created to match the key art of the campaign….


More Product Renders…

Messing around with Maya..


3D Product Render

Just messing around with some studio lighting and product rendering…



Old sculpt of the champ I did years ago in my free time

Red Bull : Art Of Motion

Quick Motion Graphics project I did for Red Bull’s parkour tournament circuit; to be displayed in Video Kiosks…


Times Square!

I just finished editing and designing a video for Red Bull’s new film “Art of Flight”; did all the 3d and design in After FX/Photoshop/Maya, super excited with how it turned out. Best of all is that it’s in Times Square… click below to see the rest of the project & live video

more about the project here…


CG Yankee Stadium

Modeled the whole facade of the new Yankee Stadium in Maya; eventually I’ll probably light and texture this